About us

The Ballarat Goju Ryu Karate Club was established in 2005 by Sensei Mark Azzopardi.image384

During this time the club has grown substantially.  Today we run specific programs for beginners, juniors, teens and adults.

We pride ourselves on being a family oriented club and offer family discounts on training fees.

We welcome students from all walks of life, regardless of age or ability.  We believe that everyone can benefit from learning karate.image321

We are a traditional Karate school and still practice traditional rituals such as bowing at the commencement and conclusion of class.   Japanese terminology is used during class and taught to the students as part of the syllabus.

We support our students who wish test their skills in the competition arena.  As members of the Australia Karate Federation, our students have access to compete at the very highest level and if successful go on to represent Victoria or Australia.image380

Above all we maintain our core principles:

“Karate begins with respect and ends with respect”

“Be honest and sincere in your training”

“Be humble and help others”

“Never give up!”