Senior Programs

Beginners Program for older Teens and Adultsimage1612

A beginners class aimed at older teenagers (16yrs+) and adults. This class teaches the fundamental skills that are necessary to perform karate well. Each week has a different focus such as timing, balance or agility.

Karate based activities aimed at improving fitness, flexibility  and coordination are incorporated into each lesson to assist the students to develop their skills in a fun and interactive environment.

By the end of this program you will be confident and be setting goals you never thought possible.

Kyu Grade Programimage1636

Once the fundamental skills are acquired the students move  into our Kyu Grade program.

Here we start to coordinate the fundamental skills with an understanding of basic and advanced karate techniques.  We encourage the student to combine different elements of their training to build confidence in their abilities.

Training becomes more mental and physical as students progress towards more senior ranks.

Sempai Program

This is a class for advanced students.  Here the students will be participating in advanced sparring drills and traditional combat methods including throws, joint locks and takedown techniques.

The students are introduced to advanced Kata and learn how to apply techniques from within these forms.

The training is as much mental as it is physical, requiring dedication, commitment and discipline to prepare for grading to Black Belt ranks.

Black Belt Programimage1637

An exclusive class for senior members.  Here we practice advanced Kata, Kumite and traditional weapons.

Meditation also plays a key component in the complete development of the advanced student.

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